Intersession Policies & Proposal Form

Missouri State University offers courses during three intersession periods (January, May, and August). The intersession format provides unique opportunities for enhancing the curriculum and extending access to students, and faculty members are encouraged to develop proposals for these courses. The course proposals are approved and reviewed by the Department Head before being forwarded to the Dean. The department heads and dean, jointly, decide on a slate of intersession courses depending on likely enrollment, good fit with the curriculum, and funding availability.

Instructional salary for intersessions is based on a scale of two and one-half percent of base salary per teaching load equivalent. Intersession salaries are paid by the College as part of its total course funding budget; therefore intersession proposals are recommended to the Dean as part of each department’s total course funding request. Proposals for January intersessions should be submitted to your department head by September 1 and proposals for May and August intersessions must be submitted to your department head by February 1. Departments then follow whatever internal review processes deemed appropriate by the department, but all proposals submitted to the college must be recommended by the department head.

Intersession courses are expected to meet the minimum enrollment guidelines applied to courses offered in other academic terms and must “pay their way” by having the enrollment cover the costs of salary and fringe benefits. That means that, in some cases, an individual intersession course may have a college enrollment minimum that is greater than the university’s minimums. In limited circumstances where minimum enrollment is not met but there is significant value in still offering the course, faculty may be given the option of teaching the course at a pro-rated rate of pay.

Both full-time and part-time employees are eligible to propose and teach intersession courses, although typically priority will be given to full-time employees.

Proposals should address one or more of the College’s priorities for intersession courses. These include: supplementing existing curriculum in significant ways, meeting student and program demands, enhancing student access, and curricular development.

All proposals must include a completed College proposal form with appropriate signatures and a course syllabus.


COAL Intersession Proposal Form Download and complete RCOAL's Intersession Proposal form.

  • Insert at the end of the form a current syllabus for this intersession course that includes the following: a class description, learning goals/objectives, outline of topics and assignments, grading policies, and information listed under the course policy statement guidelines in the Faculty Handbook (
  • Please submit this form and inserted syllabus electronically by email.
  • Routing: Faculty member submits to department head, and department head submits to dean.

* This document requires Microsoft Word® to complete.