New Faculty Summer Research Award

Applications are due to the college dean by March 29.

The Judith Enyeart Reynolds College of Arts and Letters is committed to research and creative activities. These activities enhance the learning environment for the students and help to distinguish the College as a center of excellence in its disciplines. The New Faculty Summer Research Award provides a $6,000 stipend to tenure-track faculty in their first year. Please be aware that the stipend provided by this fellowship, should one be awarded to you, is taxable income to you. The purpose of this award is to support new faculty members in establishing their programs of research and/or creative activity by allowing them to devote concentrated time and energies to a specific project. The following projects will not be considered: projects which involve consulting activity, the production of teaching aids, enhancement of teaching skills, practice of professional skills outside the academic environment, “retooling” for new teaching assignments, development of internet courses or other curriculum development activities.*

*These policies for the New Faculty Summer Research Awards are modeled closely on those governing the Summer Faculty Fellowship program. The purpose of the New Faculty awards is similar to that of the Summer Faculty Fellowship program, and recipients of New Faculty awards are strongly encouraged to seek support in their second year from the Summer Faculty Fellowship program.


  • All first-year tenure-track faculty in the Judith Enyeart Reynolds College of Arts and Letters is eligible to receive a New Faculty Summer Research Award. The application process is not competitive, but proposed projects must be approved by the individual’s Department Head and the Dean.
  • Applicants may not teach summer courses or have outside jobs during the tenure of the award which is the period of Summer School.
  • Applicants must be returning to the University for the following academic year to be eligible to receive this research award.
  • The same project cannot be funded by another internal grant source (e.g., General Education Development Grant, Summer Faculty Fellowship).
  • Projects (investigators) funded under this program are subject to the Missouri State University policies for integrity in research, financial disclosure, human subjects review, animal care and use procedures, bio-safety, and use of space. Review these policies online at research policies managed by the Office of Research Administration and check on the cover sheet which committee approvals are needed.
  • New Faculty Summer Research Awards resulting in materials that may be patented or copyrighted or otherwise have commercial value, are subject to the University policy on intellectual property.


  • Applications, excluding the cover page and any references, should not exceed five double- spaced, typed pages (and may be much shorter), and should be submitted electronically.
  • Provide the information requested, addressing all of the points applicable to the project.
  • The application should state in clear, concise language, the purpose of the proposed project, its contribution to the advancement of the applicant’s academic discipline, and a description of the procedures to be employed. In addition, the application should specifically identify the targeted outlet(s) for peer review and dissemination to be pursued upon the project’s completion (e.g., manuscript submission to journal, entry in juried exhibit or competition).

Deadline and Review Process

The completed electronic application must be emailed to the Department Head for recommendation, and the Department Head must email it to the Judith Enyeart Reynolds College of Arts and Letters Dean’s Office no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 29. In addition to the endorsement of the Department Head, the Dean may consult others, such as individuals from relevant disciplines or the college Graduate Education Committee, in determining the suitability of the proposal for award funding. Applicants will be notified no later than April 15 whether their proposals will be funded.

Final Report

An electronic written report must be emailed to the College of Arts and Letters Dean’s Office at the conclusion of the project or no later than December 31 of the award year. The report will include, but not be limited to, an abstract of approximately 150 words summarizing the results of the research activity and a statement regarding the submission or planned submission of the project for appropriate peer review. In addition, the recipient should submit copies of conference papers and/or publications resulting from the project as soon as possible.

Application Guidelines

New Faculty Summer Research Award Requirements

Is the project well-conceived and designed in such a way as to suggest it will be brought to successful completion?

  1. Is it evident that the faculty member possesses the knowledge and expertise necessary to accomplish the project’s goals?
  2. Is the project likely to contribute to a foundation for a sustained program of research/creative activity by the faculty member?
  3. Does the proposal indicate a clear plan for peer review and dissemination of the product of the project?

COAL Intersession Proposal Form Download and complete RCOAL's New Faculty Summer Research Award cover page.

  • Insert at the end of the form the proposal description and current vita.
  • Please submit this form electronically by email.
  • Routing: Faculty member submits to department head, and department head submits to dean.

* This document requires Microsoft Word® to complete.