Building Evacuation & Sheltering

College of Arts and Letters

Copied 8/16/2014
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Building Name Evacuation Destination Shelter for Severe Weather
Art Annex East to Craig Hall (Consider use of Coger Theatre) Move to lower floors in the core of the building or to room 003 and 004.
Brick City Northeast to JVIC (Jordan Valley Innovation Center) lobby area Lower floor interior hallways.
Cheek Hall West to Siceluff Hall; South to Ellis Hall; Southwest to Hill Hall Basement o interior hallways on the ground floor.
Craig Hall North to Hill Hall or Northeast to Ellis Hall Shelter in Suite 106 and the auditorium on the ground floor. Interior hallways on the second floor and interior classrooms and hallways on third.
Ellis Hall Southwest to Craig Hall overflow North to Cheek Hall Ground floor, interior hallways.
Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts, Juanita K. Southwest to Wehr Band Hall and Hammons Student Center Access HHPA Shelter Plan
Meyer Library, DuaneG. West to Glass Hall; South to Temple Hall All occupants move to lower level.
Avoid using the south central stairwell.
Park Central Office Building North to Levy-Wolf Building Basement or lower level. Emergency exit will be the exit to the east alley off the ground floor.
Plaster Student Union, Robert W. (PSU) Southwest to McDonald Arena;
(Alternate: Southeast to Siceluff Hall)
Lower level interior rooms or hallways.
Siceluff Hall Northwest to Plaster Student Union Evacuate fourth floor.
Move to interior hallways and offices.
Strong Hall Northeast to Glass Hall Evacuate the fourth floor.

Faculty office wing occupants may shelter in interior halls of their area. All other occupants move to basement level.
Student Exhibition Center South to Sunvilla Tower ground floor All occupants move to the basement.
Magers Health and Wellness Center South to Plaster Student Union Basement or interior exam and treatment areas on South side of building.
Wehr Band Hall South to Hammons Student Center Evacuate second floor.

Shelter in rooms 112, 124, and adjacent restrooms.

Interior spaces of administrative suite may be used.