Instructional Technology

Within Missouri State's Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) is the main point of contact for instructional technology services — the Classroom Instructional Technologies (CIT) department. In addition to its equipment lending and technical support services of instructional technology equipment, Classroom Technology Support Administrator Brian Leas is available to assist colleges and departments in assessing classroom instructional technology needs and recommending solutions that meet a particular program's teaching and learning objectives. He also facilitates classroom upgrades across campus, encompassing both infrastructure and technology needs, regardless of the funding source.

The classroom technology support administrator is also an executive member of the Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC), a subcommittee of the University's Information Technology Council, that has the responsibility to advise the IT Council on matters concerning instructional technology policies, procedures, funding, and other activities involving instructional technology, including recommendations for improvements. One of ITAC's charges is to review proposals submitted for funding from the Student Computer Usage Fee (SCUF) Instructional Technology budget, a $225,000 annual allocation. Recommendations for funding are presented to the IT Council for approval.


The SCUF Instructional Technology budget is only one slice of the SCUF pie, which reports an annual revenue of approximately two million dollars. Most campus student computing expenses, including lab computers, printers, network connectivity, and software licensing, are funded by SCUF. COAL relies heavily on SCUF funds to meet its diverse and numerous student computing demands. Learn more on COAL's "Student Computing" page.


RCOAL Tech Calendar


  • IT Council will solicit SCUF proposals in January with a February deadline.


  • News of SCUF allocation decisions should come in late April.
  • Faculty/Staff computer upgrade schedules will be available for review by RCOAL administrators in mid-April.
  • Faculty/Staff computer upgrades and final RCOAL SCUF purchases occur in late April thru May.


  • Approved SCUF purchasing can occur once funds are transferred in early July; however, major lab upgrades are normally scheduled the following spring, the end of the fiscal year, to maximize summer installation time.
  • IT Council approves latest ITAC recommendations and actions regarding instructional technology standards
    • No new classroom upgrade solicitations for foreseeable future. If non-SCUF funding is procured, consult with FCTL's CIT and RCOAL ITSS (Angela Barker) to plan any new classroom upgrades.
    • Read further outcomes and reports online.