Student Computing

The College of Arts & Letters is one of the most technology-intensive and technology-diverse colleges in the Missouri State University system. In many classes, technology devices are not only essential tools for instruction, but the major focus of instruction.

Each year the Office of the Provost solicits proposals for Student Computer Usage Fee (SCUF) funding, the major source of funding for COAL's student computing needs. And since SCUF's inception in 1998, COAL has maintained a lab upgrade schedule, a "waterfall plan" of sorts, that outlines new upgrades of advanced computer labs and redistributed, or roll down, upgrades of standard computer labs. This planning has allowed COAL to sustain the high-level computing demands of programs like animation and audio/video production while being good stewards of the student's limited funds.

On this page, you find all the resources necessary to review COAL's current student computing inventory, the required forms and guidelines for new SCUF requests, and the available archive.


The Student Computer Usage Fee (SCUF) is paid by all Missouri State students and is used to purchase and maintain student-related information technologies. The amount of this fee varies based on the number of hours taken and campus attended. See the Detailed Costs and Fees schedule as published by the Office of the Registrar.

The SCUF budget is administered by the Office of the Provost. Allocations are based on the formal proposals submitted to the SCUF Committee, one of the committees reporting to the University's Information Technology Council. The SCUF Committee follows specific guidelines when determining each year's allocation. A single packet of proposals is submitted by COAL.


Lab Upgrade Worksheet


Final proposals are due on Feb. 5, 2021


View COAL proposal and allocation records by year:

SCUF Instructional Technology

From the University's full SCUF fund, roughly 10% ($225,000) is allocated each year to campus instructional technology needs. Learn more on COAL's "Instructional Technology" page.


RCOAL Tech Calendar


  • IT Council will solicit SCUF proposals in January with a February deadline.


  • News of SCUF allocation decisions should come in late April.
  • Faculty/Staff computer upgrade schedules will be available for review by RCOAL administrators in mid-April.
  • Faculty/Staff computer upgrades and final RCOAL SCUF purchases occur in late April thru May.


  • Approved SCUF purchasing can occur once funds are transferred in early July; however, major lab upgrades are normally scheduled the following spring, the end of the fiscal year, to maximize summer installation time.
  • IT Council approves latest ITAC recommendations and actions regarding instructional technology standards
    • No new classroom upgrade solicitations for foreseeable future. If non-SCUF funding is procured, consult with FCTL's CIT and RCOAL ITSS (Angela Barker) to plan any new classroom upgrades.
    • Read further outcomes and reports online.